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Top 30 History Research Paper Topics for College Students

Use the following list of topic ideas to find great prompts for a college history research paper project. Get tips on selecting history topic for custom term papers.

Good history research paper topics may seem challenging to come by but they do exist with a little creativity and brainstorming. A paper for history should be interesting based on what you know or based on what you’ve learned to be significant to the topic. When you are able to select a great idea based on your interests the paper is easier to write. Start with areas of history you know and think about resources you have easy access to for data. Here are some tips to help you find easy history research paper topics for your next assignment.

What You Should Know When Choosing Research Paper Topics about History

The right topic for writing will be something that provides plenty of information for your paper. Your guidelines for writing provided by your instructor will give insight on how to present your findings. Choose an idea that will make it easy for you to meet expectations while making the assignment interesting and engaging. A history topic may be difficult to write if it has been researched many times previously. Try choosing an idea with a twist or provide data based on a unique perspective that will make your work stand out.

Sample List of History Research Paper Topics for College Students

Brainstorming doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it helps to have something to help get the process started sooner than later. Using a list of ideas simply gives direction for what you could write about for your paper. Since many topics have been explored numerous times it could take a minute to find something suitable based on your research abilities and time schedule. Keep in mind history topics can relate to current events or things that may have an influential effect on history in the future. Here are some sample ideas to encourage brainstorming for interesting history research paper topics.

  1. Planning for college tuition costs
  2. Scandals in politics
  3. Discrimination struggles in the LGBT community
  4. Ways juveniles are punished for crimes
  5. The history of deer hunting
  6. Starting a business and how to compare markets
  7. Why substance abuse continues to be a costly problem
  8. How to stop cyberbullying
  9. Why cybercrimes are on the rise
  10. Why schools should provide more sex education
  11. How psychological research benefits mental health
  12. Why it is important to understand animal behavior
  13. Effective measures to prevent cybercrimes
  14. Why artificial intelligence is a bad idea for the planet
  15. Why addition is difficult to treat
  16. Why lack of sleep raises health risks
  17. How is police brutality defined
  18. What is Magna Carta how did it influence England?
  19. How franchising was started in business
  20. Which businesses are most effected by global warming
  21. What happened during the Great Depression?
  22. The negative effects of communism
  23. Similarities of Roman and Greek cultures
  24. How effects from World War I and II affect a possible World War III
  25. The creation of search engine optimization
  26. How the invention of the computer has changed lifestyle living
  27. Comparing human rights of two countries
  28. Why some laws go unnoticed
  29. How different forms of learning were established
  30. Exploring the coal mining industry

Tips for Selecting the Right Research Paper Topics for History Assignments

After spending time creating ideas for writing you’ll want to complete additional research. Think about what your paper will require for your topic as far as discussion points and your main idea. Consider sources you will use to gather information and how long you have until your deadline to complete the project. Many research paper topics on history can be boring when on a topic written many times over. Plan your work accordingly using an outline along with notes collected related to your topic. The right topic will make it easy for elements of your paper to come together.

Why Use Sample Papers to Get Writing Ideas?

A sample paper is a paper completely written from start to finish. It may be written by a previous student or professional writer. It gives an idea of what your paper could look like. Few admit to reading sample papers to get ideas for history research paper topics, but it is a helpful strategy that can save time when you’re in a hurry to choose an idea. Planning your work around a sample is common. You’ll have leads on what to write and how to present your ideas. Samples are common writing tools used by many. For any academic project for high school topics or American history research paper topics for college students, it is important to select the best idea that matches your interests to ensure a great outcome for your paper.

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