How to Conclude a Research Paper

Writing a good research paper requires specific skills. Research papers show the writing, communication, analytical, and research skills of the author. It is also an indication of how much the author knows about a subject.

Research papers usually come in different volumes. A lot of writing is done on every part of the work, including the conclusion of the paper. Irrespective of the size, it requires that a writing style must be strictly followed, e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.

Although the introduction is the most crucial part of the paper, your conclusion is not less important. The conclusion also determines your grade. Let's take a look at how you can write a good conclusion.

Start With Your Thesis Statement

Just like the introduction, it also focuses on thesis statements in conclusion. Restate your thesis as you end the conclusion in the last paragraph. In all your writing, avoid unnecessary repetition.

You need not explain your work again in your conclusion because you must have done justice to the topic in other parts. These parts are your introduction and body. You just need to write a summary of your main ideas restating your thesis.

Suggest More Research Through Call-To-Action

If you need feedback from your reader, adding a call-to-action (CTA) might do just that, especially when you are considering using your paper as a marketing tool. Your CTA would push the reader to study more personally on the subject.

The CTA addition is dependent on the kind of research paper. A research paper that talks about the impact of alcohol on the human body might need a CTA in the last paragraph. A call-to-action statement is also required when you are addressing a societal issue.

Adding a call-to-action and encouraging your reader to respond more to societal needs is laudable. Such call-to-action can make the article inspiring.

Your research paper can also conclude with a suggestion or a question. It is unusual for a research paper but might be considered with subjective matters. Subjects like race/ nationality, gender, politics, social status, religion, etc. might be regarded as subjective.

More Tips You Would Find Useful

We have discussed how to write a good conclusion for your research paper. Furthermore, it is essential to note that you must avoid starting your conclusion with petty phrases. Petty phrases such as "In conclusion..." "Conclusively..." "To sum up..." should be avoided. When you start with a tone, ensure you maintain it even in your conclusion without changing it.

As you write your conclusion, always bear your thesis in mind. Ensure it stays consistent with every other thing you have written. One way to keep the flow of your thought is to allow one paragraph to flow into the next.

Let the summarized ideas in your conclusion follow, as explained in your work. Hence, you would be able to maintain consistency with the other part of your work.

Writing a research paper can be a piece of work. You can make your job easier by getting a research paper sample online that can serve as a guide. Here you can buy a research paper and forget about struggles.