Picking Up Powerful Research Paper Topics On WW1

Whew! What a large topic World War I is. Even if you’ve studied a lot about it already, you may still not have a clue what topic to select for your essay. Not only that, but so much commentary has already been written about the Great War that it may seem even more difficult to select a truly powerful subject. Well, the key is to choose something that you have a personal interest in; and the more you can narrow it down to a specific issue and look at it from a unique point of view, the better. Having said that, this type of assignment needs to be unbiased and it relies heavily on source material to make your claim- so make sure there’s an abundance of accessible information available to you.

Libraries are ideal!

The best way to begin in selecting your subject is by looking at other examples. In your campus library you’ll find a plethora of past student essays for your perusal. Find the ones relevant and study them well to see not only what topics have been used, but also which of those gained the most interest (and highest marks).

Don’t just look at student examples- also have a look at essays in magazines and books. Your local public libraries may actually be better than your campus one in this respect. The more places you look, the more varied (and therefore better) your essay will be.

Search online.

On the internet you will, of course, find an abundance of ideas. There are plenty of specific educational tool websites that can help you. Many will list plenty of examples of subject ideas, but be sure to look on reputable educational websites, as you don’t want to be lumbered with bad examples pedaled by businesses in it for a quick buck!

Use the internet to not only find topic examples, but also to research World War I in general. Maybe you’re interested in the number of horses that died in the war, or perhaps you want to research medical care on the front line or the political situations that culminated in the war beginning; whichever area you want to look at, you’ll find plenty of information online (as well as in books).

Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you still can’t select the right subject area for you, then why not have a chat with your teacher? They may be able to help you hone your interests, give you an opinion on which path is the best to follow, and even point you in the right direction of the resources you need. If you’re feeling stuck, it’s always best to ask your tutor for assistance.