TOP 30 Smartest World History Research Paper Ideas

Many world history research papers are written on interesting topics related to personal interests. Getting a great topic for history includes knowing how to make it stand out to get the best grade possible. A smart idea for writing will include elements that make it unique while being clever with your concept. The following provides useful insight to assist with choosing good world history research paper topics.

Where to Look for Writing Ideas

There are many sources available for finding ideas for research writing including ancient world history research paper topics. To keep your idea smart and engaging consider topics related to industries with ongoing changes such as politics or health. Use sources that are updated regularly for writing ideas such as social media, print media, and people you know that work in such industries. Sample papers written by academic students and professional custom writers also provide great leads for potential topics.

List of Potential World History Research Paper Ideas

A list of prompts can get brainstorming off to a good start. Use these sample ideas to gain perspective on which subject area you want to conduct further research for writing purposes. The following are sample world history research paper topics to inspire original ideas for a paper.

  1. How Gandhi inspired world peace
  2. How apartheid ended in South Africa
  3. How the Catholic Church developed in Europe
  4. How was chicken pox discovered in America?
  5. What the ancient Romans are best known for
  6. Why did the cold war happen and its significance?
  7. Why was World War I so important?
  8. Could World War II have been prevented and why?
  9. How has the economy of Japan affected areas of Europe?
  10. How has social life evolved among the Middle East?
  11. Things about Jamaican history worth noting
  12. Why did the British Empire collapse?
  13. How did President Roosevelt change history for America?
  14. The most important event that happened during the Cold War?
  15. Could the September 11, 2001 terror attacks been prevented?
  16. What happened that caused the creation of the Berlin Wall?
  17. How has the demolishing of the Belin Wall improved international relations?
  18. What were the Dark Ages and how did it affect Europe?
  19. How did slavery affect different countries during the 1800s?
  20. Why is Adolph Hitler a significant historical figure?
  21. What happened during the French Revolution?
  22. How was Greek history influenced?
  23. What happened during the Renaissance period?
  24. What was the tragedy behind the Roman Empire failing?
  25. What happened during the Bubonic Plague and how has it influenced society?
  26. Most dramatic events involving Germany Nazis
  27. How did Buddhism evolve?
  28. How was the Panama created?
  29. How did nuclear weapons evolve?
  30. Early beginnings of China’s economy

Defining a Great Idea for Writing

Ideas for research including AP world history research paper topics should be assessed in detailed before you start writing. Depending on your deadline and sources for research, your idea may be based on facts, opinions, and other useful material you already know. Maybe there are topic ideas already researched but you can add something different such as a quote from someone or a new development. Be open to writing about something different or something that opposes your viewpoint because you can learn new insight worth sharing with others. Whether you’re seeking world history research paper topics high school or college level assignment material, using personal interests based on what you know is a great place to start your search for potential ideas.